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Virtual Sample

Welcome to the world of Virtual Images. Whatever product you choose or logo you choose you can have a Virtual Image to send to your client. Whenever you make a call, bring a Virtual Image of one of the products you want them to consider. It can’t help but show your willing to go the extra step for your client.

We hope you will use us for your Crystal and Glass needs, and to encourage you to do that we are willing and pleased to help you create a Virtual Image of our products.We’ll work with you until it meets your satisfaction, just like we do when we handle your orders.

To get started choose a product you are interested in either by “Category” or by item number and click on the product. Just below the picture you will see “Virtual Sample Button”. Don’t be afraid you can’t do it, because when you’re ready, we’ll be ready to help you through the process. Just Call Customer Service and say you’d like to create a Virtual Sample.

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