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Free NanoBrite Award Spec Sample
Item# NanoBrite Promo

1 Free Spec sample
FREE set-up or EQP
Call your Rep for details

Offer valid with a minimum purchase

7 X 5 Full Color Curved Glass Award
A $30.00 retail value
Plus, you get FREE Set-Up and EQP on all
Full Color Curved Glass Awards

Further Description:


Curved NanoBrite© Awards with Light Enhancing Technology. Ambient light illuminates these eye-catching awards for all to see and admire. These are awards where the light both shines through and is reflected, giving you an opaque award with light that seems to radiate from within. 5" x 7" FREE sample has ½" bevel and is 3/16" thick. See for yourself why we think you and your customers will be impressed.

Product Details:
Size Over 20 Products Available with FREE Set-Up and EQP
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